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"We believe that a good farm starts from the ground up. We work for our soils, cows, and products to be in harmony with nature." -- George Teague

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Organic alfalfa hay

Certified Organic Alfalfa Hay Bales

Did you know that alfalfa is sometimes called "Queen of the Forages"? Its nutritional content is almost unsurpassed, containing high percentages of crude protein plus lots of vitamins and minerals. Alfalfa is in lots of animal feed, including the feed we mill here at Reedy Fork Organic Farm. And we also have bales of certified organic alfalfa … [Read More...]

Reedy Fork Organic Dairy

Reedy Fork Organic Farm is located in Elon NC—in the heart of the Piedmont region. We are a certified organic dairy and feed farm located on 500 acres of beautiful farmland. This is a sixth generation farm, originally a tobacco farm, which became a dairy in the 1950’s under Franklin Teague and transitioned to a certified organic dairy farm in 2007. Franklin’s son, George, now owns and operates the farm alongside his son and nephew.

We are a proud family farm member of the Organic Valley Cooperative. You can purchase our certified organic milk and other dairy products at your local grocery store or cooperative under the Organic Valley label.